How CAN WE Help You?


We help you develop a framework for success using core skill development road map and finishing techniques for grooming. 

We carefully vet faculties and select proven experts from the academia including Ivy league school professors and various industry coaches that have maintained the highest standards of excellence over the years and have chosen to become part of the growing Winning Feathers faculty network.

Our in network faculties range from coaches that have successfully driven results for kids focused programs and have proven methodology and tools that are offered for follow up and on going engagement as well to drive and measure outcomes.

Our adult development programs are conducted by coaches that have trained employees at Fortune 500 companies and have refined their training techniques with decades of experience through well proven effectiveness. 

While learning soft skills it self is a life-long process, starting with bite sized workshops as early as you can, will help you and your child  prepare to succeed in not just their academic life, but also eventually in their workplace, in social setting and their relationships including at home.

So why wait? Contact us to initiate personal development journey for you and your kids. Enroll in our public speaking kids camp this summer. 

Contact us for more info at info@winningfeathers.com

Are STEM skills enough to land admissions into top schools? What do top universities and employers really look for?​


According to National Soft Skills Association and research project conducted by Google called Project Oxygen, out of top eight most important qualities of an employee, the seven qualities that mattered the most are:

  • Communication skills

  • Being a good coach

  • Possessing insights into others

  • Empathy toward others

  • Critical thinking

  • Problem solving

  • Drawing conclusions (making connections across complex ideas)

Empower your kids with necessary soft skills to thrive in rapidly changing circumstances & succeed in competitive environment.

Are you preparing your kids to gain the  appropriate skills to live a happy and successful life.