With over 900 students trained by our seasoned kids public speaking coaches, we have developed a unique 5 level certification program from Beginner, Intermediate to becoming a TedX Kid speaker!

We carefully vet faculties and select proven experts from academia including Ivy league school professors and various industry experts that have had experience in coaching at Apple, Google, Visa, Microsoft, etc.


Along with maintaining the highest standards of excellence, the curriculum is also a fun and engaging experience for kids!

While learning soft skills itself is a life-long process, starting with bite-sized workshops as early as you can, will help you and your child prepare to succeed in not just their academic life, but also eventually in their workplace, in a social setting and their relationships including at home.

So why wait? Enroll in a free online intro class available globally now!

Parents and expert quotes

we don't miss an opportunity

to have some fun 

"Winning Feathers is on a mission to equip our upcoming leaders with the confidence, personal presence, speaking skills and ability to communicate on all levels. They are on the cutting edge of this important mission!"

Pam Leinmiller (TedX Coach)

"My son has received level 4 certification & it has transformed his ability to articulate concepts with a lot of clarity. Very structured curriculum yet fun experience for kids"

Pramod Sajja (CEO, Paramount Software Solutions)

"Very structured and effective program for kids my daughter is an extrovert as such but she had a tendency to ramble and the coach helped her slow down and create an outline that is very specific and succinct each time she spoke. The feedback mechanism is very encouraging and helps build confidence."

Amanda Trace(Parent)

"Winning Feathers has helped my shy, introverted child tremendously. She's participated in public speaking sessions and has grown in confidence and articulation."

Toyosi Okurounmu(Chief Medical Officer, United Health)

Billionaire Warren Buffet recently said at an event that one skill that can boost your career value by 50% is public speaking!

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos recently said recently in an article highlighted the value of this no.1 skill that matters!

Are STEM skills solely sufficient to land admissions into top schools? What do top universities and employers look for?​

Empower your kids with necessary soft skills to thrive in rapidly changing circumstances & succeed in a competitive environment.

Are you preparing your kids to gain the appropriate skills to live a happy and successful life? Build their confidence!