Head Coach Nathan 

Nathan Swan is a professional speaker, trainer and certified public speaking coach. Nathan spent 5 years as a public speaking coach in San Francisco. His experience and excellence took him to companies such as Evernote, Dropbox and Twitter where he was able to help their executives speak with clarity and confidence, upgrading their skill set.


He has seen how anyone - at any age - can develop confidence through this skill set. He is very passionate about making learning an interactive and engaging experience to all ages.

Coach Kyley

Kyley is Speech Communication Specialist, certified on Health Coach - Institute for Integrative Nutrition July 2018. Her experience and hard work have taken her to teach at Ivy Tech Community College and Liberty University, where she shared her knowledge about the fundamentals of public speaking.


She currently represents FOX/CBS across Indiana, in addition to coaching our students with passion and a positive attitude.


A fun fact about Kyley is that she used to be a cheerleader in college, which lead her to teach cheerleading and gymnastics to kids of all ages. 

Coach Taylor 

Taylor has been teaching children for over four years and is from Denver, Colorado. She currently lives in  Mexico where she owns a restaurant. She has a Bachelor’s Degree from University in San Antonio Texas in Theology and International Relations. She is also also a certified English Language teacher. She is very patient, confident, and organized. She loves to make the classroom experience fun and challenging!

Coach Sydney

Sydney is an experienced language coach and certified ESL teacher. She has worked with immigrant populations in the US, children on the autism spectrum, and many others helping them to speak with confidence and conviction. Her students have described her as a very patient, friendly, and kind coach. With a degree in Philosophy from the University of Maryland, she is pursuing a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Along with her TEFL certification, she is a certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher and Happiness Life Coach.


She acknowledges that it is very natural to be afraid at first when speaking in front of others, but Sydney is convinced that by working together and learning how to express ideas clearly is the best strategy to succeed. She is committed to helping students overcome their fears of public speaking and communicate confidently!

Coach Kezia

Kezia is passionate about teaching and has extensive experience working as a youth coach for almost six years now. She has an immense ability to think outside the box, be creative, engaging, energetic, empathetic, and compassionate are just some of the unique skills hat she brings to the table.

Before graduating with a degree in Communications, she was previously a business major during the first year, in which she had to take a public speaking class. At first, she hated public speaking, but with the right coach, she was turned from a girl who lacked the confidence to communicate her thoughts openly, into a woman strong enough to voice her opinions and have the sense to speak with purpose. After that, Kezia turned to Communications and have loved public speaking ever since. Her goal is to make that same impact on the life of every child I get to teach.

Coach Rishi

Rishi is an avid debater winning top speaker prizes at Georgetown, Harvard, and many other national tournaments.

Rishi and his partner have also won numerous local tournaments and were ranked top 5 in Georgia, making him an excellent and experienced public speaking coach.

To top that off, Rishi Gowda is also the Captain and President of his Debate team, as well as his Mock Trial Team.

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