Frequently Asked Questions


How long is each certification program?
Each level lasts for 9 weeks and it’s 1 hour each week. So Level 1 is for 9 weeks and then if you choose to sign up for Level 2 it would be another 9-week program. 


Can I decide to not join the certification program after attending the free trial?

Yes, you may decide not to join the program if you choose not to continue after the trial


What is the cost of the program?
The cost is $249 for the 9-week program


When will I receive the confirmation with batch and login after I sign up?
Once you sign up you will receive the email with your virtual meeting ID and confirmation within 48 hours


Are all the programs available through an online session?
Yes all sessions are live and are available online via live video with the coach


Can I pick the same coach that I got for a trial class?
Yes, as long as the coach is available you may get the same coach.

When is the next certification program batch starting?

We normally have new batches starting every 2 weeks you will get a confirmation email with a link after you register. If you have questions or concerns please text customer success team at 770- 453-0062

What if I want to change the coach in the middle of the program?
Usually, that does not happen as all our coaches are experts and our program is standard. If any such requests come up we would address it on a case by case basis and try to accommodate.


How many kids are there in each class?

The typical class size is 5-7 kids.

What is covered in the curriculum for Level 1?
Level 1 curriculum info and registration link is available on our home page under Level 1 Online Certification


Am I eligible for a refund after paying for the program if I am unable to join due to scheduling conflict?
We will issue a future credit but refunds after signing up are not part of our policy


What if my kid missed the class would I be able to get a makeup class?

During the 9 week program, we offer up to 1 make up class to catch up.


Is there any homework or assignment given to kids during the program?
yes, the kid may be asked to complete an assignment as the practice is very important for refinement


What if my child is 6 years or 16 yrs and the program is for age group 7-15 can they still participate?

Please reach out to our coordinators at if after reviewing the assessment form the head coach approves we can allow


Are the recordings for the classroom available after the class?

We do not share the recordings for privacy reasons


Who are the coaches?

The coaches are trained in public speaking professionals with kid tutoring experience. Coaches also have received formal training at Winning Feathers before they start teaching


How many levels of certifications are available?

We offer 5 levels of certification from levels 1 to 5. Level 1 is the starter program and each level advances the student to more advanced skills up to level 5 which is taught by TedX coaches.

How many students have Winning Feathers trained so far?

We have trained over 900 students so far that have received certified training

How was the curriculum developed?

We have worked with Ivy league coaches, trained publicly speaking industry professionals and developed a kid-friendly curriculum that's proven to be very effective

Are you offering franchise opportunities in U.S. or globally?

Please contact with details

Address: 5900, Windward Parkway, Suite 230, Alpharetta GA 30005  U.S.A.  Email:    Phone: +1 770-538-1726