Paradigm Shift: Time for making a change in your old assumptions that hard skills are sufficient

An era of de-personalization

Albert Einstein in 1984 wrote in a letter to his friend Otto Julius Burger that “I believe that the abominable deterioration of ethical standards stems primarily from the mechanization and de-personalization of our lives”. While Einstein was probably referring to the nuclear weapons back then, the statement is very relevant to how Artificial Intelligence, iOT & robotics is depersonalizing our lives.

Why is this a paradigm shift?

Automation should fundamentally challenge us now to question ourselves “What human skill do I develop in myself and more importantly in my kids that technology cannot bring forth?”

Why is this a huge paradigm shift and why should we care? According to American Management Association, “Paradigm shifts occur whenever our understanding of the world conflicts so dramatically with our experience of the world that the old model stops serving any useful purpose.”

To paraphrase Peter Drucker a legendary management consultant, "The certainties of the past are no longer sufficient to inform the policies of the future."

Are Soft Skills Just a "Check Box"?

Soft skills have now moved from being a check box in an organization’s training group to a fundamental core skill to keep up the organizations efficiency, culture and growth. Huge hiring of engineers and technical employees in last 2 decades has led to a work force which lacks very fundamental soft skills and leaving a huge gap between management and the employees and developing core competency with soft skills that matter has become table stakes to drive the business outcomes.

To generate commercial insights into a concept which is fundamentally considered non-measurable, SHRM quotes David Grossman in “The Cost of Poor Communications” that a survey of 400 companies with 100,000 employees each cited an average loss per company of $62.4 million per year because of inadequate communication to and between employees. Debra Hamilton asserted, in her article “Top Ten Email Blunders that Cost Companies Money,” that miscommunication cost even smaller companies of 100 employees an average of $420,000 per year.

The Rise of Emotional Economy. Are you Ready?

All the above is going to give rise to the “Emotional Economy” and are you ready for it? Learning soft skills is a long process and it’s important to start investing in bite size programs that you and your kids can participate in and embark on the new journey.

As an exercise I suggest is comment on this blog with your key soft skill that can help you differentiate and that sets you apart that you would be interested in further developing. You may choose to pick from the 3 C’s if you like Communication, Collaboration and Compassion.

Apurva Ghelani (Partner, Winning Feathers LLC.)

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