Public Speaking Contest Rules

Public Speaking Rules:

1. Speakers are expected to wear professional attire (boys to wear formal shirt & pant, suit or sports jacket may be fine too), girls may wear formal dress


2. Speakers are expected to be original, drawing upon combinations of research, personal experience and imagination.

3. Judges may disqualify competitors for plagiarism. Inspiration from other speeches may be taken. 

4. Speakers should use language, which is appropriate to the topic, the audience and the formality of the occasion. Avoid off-color jokes, slang expressions and “bathroom humor”.

5.  Avoid statements which might be construed as slanderous, embarrassing, or containing gender, cultural, or racial stereotypes are unsuitable  for a public speaking competition. 

6. Speakers, from the beginning, should consider their intended audience to be “the public” – a mixed age group, not simply an audience of peers.

7. Students are expected to dress for formal occasion and to stand appropriately on the platform.

8. Gestures must be kept to a minimum. It is not necessary for the head and hands to remain completely motionless, but gestures must be natural and spontaneous,  as opposed to dramatic. Examples of unacceptable gesturing; wild arm movements (flapping wings), pirouettes, kneeling, turning one’s back to the audience).

9. Students from age group 7 years to 17 years may participate. 

10. Notes on cards not exceeding 3” x 5” in size are permitted for reference.

11. No props are permitted. This restriction includes such things as T-shirts or other articles of clothing which are used as props during the speech.

12. Speeches shall not be less than 1.5 min and not more than 3 minutes in length. Points shall be deducted thereof over or under this time limit.

13. Students MUST NOT identify themselves in any way, by name, or by school or affiliation to any public speaking or debate institute or club. Winning Feathers will announce students by name. 

14. The decision of the judges shall be final.

15. Speakers will be invited in order selected by Winning Feathers

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