Students MUST pick a topic from this page for their speech for Prepared Public Speaking Contest:




  1. Why I love my mom and dad

  2. Funny things my parents say

  3. Let me tell you about my imaginary friend

  4. Funniest thing that ever happened to me

  5. What my brother/sister thinks of me

  6. If I had a choice between getting money or spending time with my family, I would choose…

  7. What did I do for my mom last mother’s day and or for my father on father’s day

  8. Let me tell you about my family

  9. Where we went on vacation/holiday with my family

  10. My favorite band or singer

  11.  Blame it on your pet! My dog or cat did that….

  12. The worst vegetable on the planet would be..

  13. Why I don’t care about the “Five second rule”

  14. I don’t like to eat … Fill in something you dislike

  15. Why is eating healthy so important?

  16. My goals for this year are….

  17. A day in the life as a fly or a bee

  18. What my dog or cat is thinking

  19. What would it be like if dinosaurs roamed the Earth today?

  20. What can we learn from animals and birds?

  21. Brave is the new beautiful or handsome here’s why!

  22. I made it to Santa’s naughty list because…





  1. How does plastic waste impact the planet and how can we change that?

  2. What planet would I visit if I had my own rocket ship

  3. How water is so important and what can we do to conserve it?

  4. What is carbon footprint and how does it impact the planet?

  5. How can we help poor people across the planet and why is it important to care
    for the needy?

  6. Coolest superhero power

  7. If I was the President of the U.S

  8. My favorite inspirational leader in history

  9. My dream vacation

  10. If I were a character in a book, I would be…

  11. Why I’m on Santa’s nice/naughty list

  12. If I could change one thing about the world, it would be…

  13. If I had three wishes, they would be…

  14. If I were famous, it would be for my…

  15. My secret life as a spy

  16. My best invention so far

  17. The best part about being sick

  18. Why the tooth fairy must be real

  19. If I was the author of a book, I’d write about…

  20. The charity I’m going to donate to when I’m older is…

  21. What happiness means to me

  22. The best thing about me is…

  23. How I care for the environment every day

  24. Why are farmers important

  25. What I want to be when I grow up

  26. Why best friends are so special

  27. What is more important: Doing what’s right or being popular

  28. Something I have done that I would be proud of if I were in charge, the rules I would make would be…

  29. Brave is the new beautiful or handsome here’s why!

  30. The funniest prank we played.





  1. How do we protect ourselves on social media?

  2. Brave is the new beautiful or handsome here’s why!

  3. Here’s how to respond to bullies!

  4. How do I plan to make the word a better place?

  5. What steps should the government take to prevent and address gun violence?

  6. How does one demonstrate poise and class in today’s world?

  7. What are some ways of demonstrating non violent communication?

  8. Should U.S. build a wall with Mexico? What’s your stand on it?

  9. Thank God I chose to be myself in that situation!

  10. 5 things I do to test that my friends are really my true friends.

  11. This is what you do to look smarter than you really are!

  12. Things I would change about today’s education

  13. This is how we could innovate to explore renewable sources of energy

  14. What is life all about?

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